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Architect turns his hand to CGI in this imaginary underwater world

"I enjoy creating images that people can associate a story with. I think when the image becomes real in your mind – when what you see can be animated by your imagination – it is already a success and a delight," says architect Thomas Dubois.

"The possibilities are fantastic, and making people imagine a story, maybe even their story, taking place in this image is something that I am looking for."

Chateau is part of a series of images being created by Dubois. It's a new underwater environment; an imagined world of apartments beneath the waves. Thomas says his modelling is very basic, but he did use some unfamiliar tools in Cinema 4D, such as MoGraph Effector.

"The main goal was to create the feeling of being underwater. I wanted the images to let you imagine whatever you want."

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 181.