Clan carnage in explosive and goofy animation

It's game on in this action-packed trailer for Supercell’s game of strategic chaos, Clash of Clans. Created by commercial production company Psyop and BFG, “Anthem” drops viewers in right in the middle of a war to show what the bedlam is all about.

"We really embraced the bright, stylized and saturated look of the game," noted Psyop director Fletcher Moules. "We wanted to fully conceptualize what the world would look like if we were running alongside the horde of barbarians, what would it feel like to be covered in their saliva."

Anthem places you in the heart of all the Clash of the Clans action

The 60-second trailer has an explosive and goofy nature and is full of appealing and charismatic characters. "The scene with the giants became a favorite," added Moules. "It added the heart and the warmth that was only achieved when we removed ourselves a little from the ruckus to enjoy it from their perspective."

For more information on Clash of the Clans, visit the Supercell website.

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