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Discover the secrets of TV visual effects

Issue 199 is on sale now!

Issue 199 is on sale now!

The latest issue of 3D World magazine, 199, is on sale today – and what an issue it is.

In a very special 12-page feature, we gather some of the top talent working in television VFX, from The Flash to Game of Thrones, and discover why small-screen CG is on the rise.

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The TV VFX theme flows into this issue’s tutorials too, with training for matte painting, the creation of a man made of fire, and advice on how to simulate a famous VFX shot from Game of Thrones.

Also on the television theme, we profile AxisFX, which specialises in effects for British TV, while Artifex Studios' Adam Stern reveals how he created this issue’s cover: the Time Marine from hit Canadian sci-fi show Continuum.

And that's not all. This issue also steps into the world of VR and discover what this new technology has in store for CG artists, and maybe the future of VFX. Plus there's a massive 5GB of resources, including models and setup files, textures and meshes, and video walkthroughs.

Also in the issue 199, you'll find reviews of Renda PW-E7F, Unfold3D 9 and Photoscan 1.1.6, beginners tips for getting started in Houdini, all the latest 3D printing news... and plenty more besides.

In short, you'd be mad to miss issue 199 of 3D World. It's on sale right now in UK stores. Get your copy here.