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Discover the visual effects secrets of ILM

Issue 196 cover

Issue 196 is on sale now!

For the latest issue of 3D World magazine, on sale now, the team were invited to the heart of Hollywood's VFX industry.

Paying a visit to Industrial, Light & Magic, the 3D World team toured the studio and learned the secrets of 40 years of Oscar-winning VFX from the artists who've been there from from Star Wars to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In issue 196 discover how ILM created the stella VFX behind the year's biggest blockbuster movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron plus learn how to model an epic spaceship in ZBrush with Star Wars superfan Ansel Hsiao.

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Tutorials this issue cover concepting and modelling a sci-fi world for movies in Modo, mastering new the new modelling tools of Maya 2016 and simulating a stormy sea scene in 3ds Max and RealFlow.

Also, catch up with key techniques such as a quick way to unwrap UVs in Maya, controlling renders and creating worn materials in Substance Designer 5.

Plus, Thom Haig shares his Cinema 4D animation techniques from his experimental short movie Becoming One.

Free downloadable content

This issue contains 8GB of downloadable content, including a 3D print-ready model, scene files and over three hours of video tutorials.

Issue highlights include:

  • Celebrate 40 years of ILM
  • Exclusive access to the VFX behind Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Model a Star Wars spaceship
  • Model a sci-fi scene in Modo
  • Master the new tools of Maya 2016
  • VUE 2015 reviewed
  • 3D print 3D cinema glasses

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