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Breathtaking 3D simulation of fish feeding frenzy

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is currently hosting a major marine exhibition, Moana - My Ocean, which aims to shed light on what lies beneath the waters of the beautiful country of New Zealand. As part of the experience, Brooklyn-based artist and coder Robert Hodgin created this realtime 3D simulation of a fish feeding phenomena, often referred to as 'boil up'.

"If you've watched any of the fantastic BBC, Discovery Channel, or National Geographic documentaries about the ocean, you have probably seen video footage of this amazing and energetic display," explains Hodgin. "Many different species of fish, both predator and prey, are drawn to plankton-rich waters resulting in an impressive feeding frenzy."

Hodgin had his work cut out creating this highly technical simulation, developed using Cinder C++ framework. Considering he had to create numerous different species with no experience working with complex 3D models, he's done an amazing job at recreating a believable and accurate portrayal of this phenomena.

Want to know about all the technical details? Visit Hodgin's website for full information on how this cool project came together.

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