How to break into the video game industry

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood is holding a panel on Thursday, 25 June with 10 artists from game studio Naughty Dog. It's a chance for students, junior artists and anyone interested in working in games to find out how to break into the industry.

There will be three sessions covering game character creation, video game environments and technical art, followed by a 30-minute Q&A with the panel. You'll have an opportunity to get feedback on your portfolio during the intervals.

Game developer Naughty Dog are the creators of The Last of Us and Unchartered

This is a chance to meet some extremely talented and experienced individuals, as well as other like-minded people who are in the earlier stages of their careers.

The event is open to anyone but places are limited and you need to register online to get in – you can do that here.

Gnomon Headspace sessions are regular, community-driven events intended to provide inspiration and networking opportunities for those looking to work in the entertainment industry. Keep an eye on the Gnomon website for upcoming events.

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