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New talent: Bournemouth & Poole College CGI show 2015

If you're looking for the best new graduates for your studio or agency take a peek at the work coming out of Bournemouth & Poole College this year.

What follows is a showcase of the final year projects from 11 of the best students. Some of them were snapped up by employers on the day, but there's still some amazing talent up for grabs if you need junior staff.

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01. Theo Thurston

Theo's character is a shoe maker who can only get work as a shoe-shine

Theo's character is a shoe maker who can only get work as a shoe-shine

Theo specialised in modelling, and his first project concentrated on the character of an Irish shoemaker who moved to New York during the potato famine and can only get work as a shoe-shine. He used 3ds Max, Mudbox and V-Ray for this work.

Theo's second project was inspired by Of Mice and Men

Theo's second project was inspired by Of Mice and Men

Theo's second project was inspired by Of Mice and Men. "The big robot, Clunk, is based on Lenny. He is big and loving but clumsy and not very smart," Theo explained. "The little robot is meant to be a bit more high-tech and new compared to Clunk. Clunk basically over-loves the small guy until he is broken and falling apart.

"All of my modelling was done in 3ds Max and textures edited or created in Photoshop. I rendered the project using Mental Ray and used After Effects to add a bit of post production and style to the image." Theo has been offered a job with Darc Studio in Winchester.

02. Ben Fooks

Windmill in the sea

Windmill in the sea

Ben created a windmill in the sea visualisation as well as an abandoned version of Goofy's playhouse in Disneyland, both of which demonstrate his good eye for detail. The later is a thoughtful film that showcases his modelling, texturing and post-production skills.

Abandoned Goofy's playhouse

Abandoned Goofy's playhouse

Ben already has a job lined up at Visualhouse, who have employed many past students from theCollegeCGI team.

03. Alex Mann

The Hallelujah Windmill

The Hallelujah Windmill

Alex Mann's project The Hallelujah Windmill is an exercise in low poly modelling that gave him a chance to put his research on waterfall dynamics to good use.

Abandoned theatre

Abandoned theatre

He also produced a visualisation of an abandoned theatre that was based on the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford and included modelling, texturing, lighting, with the main emphasis on post-production. Alex received seven offers of interviews at the end of year show.

04. Liam Curtis

Liam Curtis

Liam Curtis created a detailed 3D model of the WWII battleship, Bismarck

Students are normally advised not to attempt projects of this magnitude, but Liam Curtis' passion and determination won over his tutors and they gave him the go-ahead to create this 3D model of the WWII Battleship, Bismarck.

The work is a model of the full ship with close ups from different camera angles and a technical cutaway of one of the main turrets showing how it fires and reloads.

Liam used 3ds Max to create details such as lifeboats, searchlights and a plane. "To add life the project a populate system was used so people would walk around and interact with the environment," he told us. "The most important area of the ship was the main turret where a cutaway showed all the interior workings."

"When it came to texturing the Bismarck I used several real life images so I could try and match it as realistically as possible but this proved to be challenge, as no original images were found that showed the interior of the turret." Liam won an award from theCollegeCGI team for his work and has landed an internship with Uniform in Liverpool.

05. Ben Steinberg

dancing character

Tron-inspired animation created with mocap from breakdancer

Ben specialised in animation and cites Disney and Pixar as sources of inspiration. For this project, an animation of a dancing character, he hired a breakdancer and used the university's motion capture suite to film the performance.

"I wanted to demonstrate my ability to animate realistic movement as well as stylised characters," Ben told us.

"I put the dance together to be exciting, but not so over-the-top as to look ridiculous. I wanted the film to have a sharp, clean look. You can probably tell I took a lot of inspiration from the movie Tron."


A dancing Frankenstein character

Ben won an award from theCollegeCGI team and is currently looking for an opportunity to work in animation.

06. Patrick McAndrew

Van Gough

Patrick worked out a technique for retaining the look of painted brush strokes

Patrick undertook two projects for his final year coursework; a 3D into-the-painting project that kept the artist's style, and a visualisation of an abandoned ski lodge.

He made 3D versions of four Van Gough influenced paintings and worked out how to keep the look of painted brush strokes in 3D, particularly around the edges.

To prove his more conventional architectural visualisation skills, he produced a very effective image of an abandoned ski lodge. The work was produced by finding an image of a chalet and then making it appear abandoned using CGI. Patrick selected an image that looked 'homely' to him, so that this aesthetic would contrast well with the disheveled elements.

abandoned chalet

An abandoned chalet

"The photo was recreated in 3ds max and then re-modelled and moved in many compositions before I was happy with the look of the destruction," he told us.

"The model was textured mainly in Photoshop. The majority of the background, sky, reflections, frost, and snow drifts were created in After Effects.

"It was probably the most enjoyable project over this year, mainly as it was refreshing to stand away from my main project for a couple of hours and create something more realistic."

Patrick won an award from theCollegeCGI team and currently has a few offers of employment under consideration.

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