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Adobe unveils $9.99 'lite' version of Creative Cloud

When, earlier this year, Adobe launched all the new versions of its Creative Suite apps via the Creative Cloud subscription service only, one of the selling points was being able to access every single tool for just one monthly subscription. For some, that was an appealing prospect. Yet one group of Adobe users especially - photographers - justifably balked at the idea of paying $50 (£46.88) a month for tools like Dreamweaver CC and Edge Animate CC that they were never going to use.

So to get those stragglers on board, Adobe has just announced a new 'lite' [our word, not theirs] version of the Creative Cloud specifically aimed at them. The Photoshop Photography Program is a $9.99 (£8.78) per month scheme (on a 12-month contract) that open to anyone who already owns Photoshop CS3 or higher.

It includes Lightroom 5 (updating to 5.2 on its release in a couple of weeks), Photoshop CC, 20GB of cloud storage, a Behance Pro account and access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources. Like 'full' Creative Cloud members, you'll get updates and upgrades to the software on an ongoing basis.

The low price is not an introductory price to be hiked up - Adobe promises it's "the price" for the service - but you'll need to sign up by the end of the year to get it. There's an FAQ here.

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