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Your drag-and-drop slideshow

On modern devices and computers, applications and widgets across both the web and desktop work to make an array of daily tasks much simpler and are constantly adapting to the way in which we interact with them.

In this tutorial I'll set up a simple Adobe AIR application that will enable you to drag and drop images onto it to deploy them to your server, then view them through a simple slideshow. This could then be distributed to your client, friends or family. Hopefully this process will show how easy it is to go about making a widget or application of your own, utilising the power of Adobe AIR.

By using Adobe AIR's drag-and-drop functionality, we will load, resample and upload images and an XML configuration file to our server. This is made possible by using some simple PHP techniques for taking the files we upload and moving them to a specified directory on the server

Click here to download the support files (10.5MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free