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Giant Nike billboard takes knitting to new heights

Nike is one of the forerunners of the industry when it comes to advertisement. Producing one of the most well-known tag lines with 'Just Do It' and creating some incredibly iconic commercials, here the sportswear manufacturer has decided to tackle the art of billboard advertising.

To promote their latest Free Flyknit sneakers, Nike got together with advertising giants Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai to knit a humongous shoe onto a billboard. With the help of three workers, strips of neon green were threaded together to create the shoe on top of a bare foot.

And it's not just the billboard itself that will catch the eye of passers-by; the live knitting sessions took place on Nanjing East Road - one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Shanghai. That would certainly brighten up your morning commute!

[via Design Taxi]

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