How to do a basic paintover in Procreate: 6 top tips

Procreate paintover
(Image credit: Adam Dewhirst)

Knowing how to do a paintover in Procreate will transform your projects. After all, being able to sculpt a creature on the iPad is all well and good, but if you can’t fully realise that vision in colour, your ideas will remain very limited. Colour, tone and mood are all crucial components for a concept artist presenting their ideas to client. 

For me, Procreate is the the ideal solution to add life to my sculpt. Using Procreate I have the ability to create and stack layers, work with masks, opacity and hues, and maintain a greater degree of flexibility that would allow me the ability to alter colours or tones as the client desires.

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Adam is the modelling and texture supervisor for The Mill in New York. He has 14 years experience in film, commericals and TV.