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8-bit character wreaks havoc on quiet street

If music videos are supposed to be visual representations of songs, then Kristofer Strm has nailed it with his latest promo.

Strm directs the video for Xilent's new track Boss Wave. The Polish dubstep producer takes the lead as an 8-bit-obsessed gamer who's been drawing up plans to transform himself into the robotic character from his favourite game.

We follow Xilent's android alter ego as he rampages through the streets, obliterating 'human' and 'subhuman' targets with his vast arsenal of weapons, before turning his attention to a huge, Medusa-like droid – his own, very personal boss level.

8-bit graphics

Xilent's chaotic production style lends itself well to Strm's frenetic shoot-em-up-eque video – or vice vice versa – which blends retro 8-bit graphics, live action and impressive CGI.

All is not what it seems in Xilent's world, however, and the video ends with a twist. See it in full below: