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Infuriatingly good interactive music game from Sehsucht

Those of you lacking rhythm look away now; German animation and graphics specialist Sehsucht has created an interactive browser game which tests your timing, hand-eye coordination and patience.

The studio put together an animated spot for MTV European Music Awards, last November. Such was its success, they adapted it into an online game. The original video (see below) takes its inspiration from the zoetrope – those 19th-century toys that give the illusion of motion using a rapid succession of static pictures viewed through slits in a cylinder.

The game is similar in concept to Guitar Hero – or Frequency, for the old school among you. Also named Zoetrope, it requires you to spin a carrousel in time to the beat, which becomes progressively more difficult as the game goes on.

The 3D animations were created using a combination of Cinema 4D, After Effects, Maxwell Render and Sculptris. Check out this behind-the-scenes video to find out more:

(So far we've made it to level three – before being defeated by the offbeat. Think you can do better? Be our guest.)