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Abuse this agency's intern!

How’s your sense of humour? A little left of centre? Sadistic almost? Intern Abuser might be up your street.

It came about when creative agency Neo-Pangea had an idea for a live event via Facebook, allowing users to mentally and physically abuse their own intern - to help him earn money for his college loans.

If you’ve ever been an intern (or just new in a job) you’ll remember feeling like the lowest of the low, being put upon by even the dregs of the office pecking order, trying to please everyone - and failing. This campaign takes a fun (though slightly twisted) take on intern life, and you can meet intern "Frank Marsters" and watch behind-the-scenes videos of how Intern Abuser was brought to life.

Neo-Pangea brims with creativity and ingenuity - but think twice before applying to be the newbie there.

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This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 236.

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