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New tool aims to speed up client approvals

It's rare for designers, marketers and clients to be working in the same office, let alone the same country. So StreamSafe is a new video sharing and collaboration tool to help creatives and their clients to work together on projects better.

Whether it's a brand campaign video, a promo reel or a presentation, the tool allows groups to upload, share, and collaborate, all in one place, and tracks viewer behaviour to speed up the approval process.

Real-time working

Collaboration takes place across the globe in real time, so feedback can be actioned instantly without having to wait for feedback by email across international time zones.

In other words, rather than dashing back and forth between different tools – like Dropbox, email, FTP, WeTransfer, Google Docs, the phone, and so on – everything happens in one place. Which means, SteamSafe argues, you'll save time and effort, and all your sensitive business communications will be more secure.

Other tools for online collaboration are available, of course. But depending on your needs, we reckon this is one new tool worth checking out. Find out more on the StreamSafe website.

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