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Animate your vector artwork

Not everyone likes them, but a web site's intro animation can set the tone and also be a fantastic showcase - especially if the site is a web-based art gallery like Graduart.

Graduart focuses on the work of students, graduates and post-graduates, and Clusta helped develop the brand for the online gallery from day one. Clusta began by designing the logo, followed by the graphical element, which you'll see represented in this tutorial. The brief for this project was simply to be organic, cool and flowing.

This tutorial demonstrates how Clusta combined different programs and techniques to achieve the transformation from static design for print to animation for the web. View the finished animation at

INFO: Expertise provided by Clusta, who have worked for companies such as Sony, Orange and the BBC across a diverse range of media including websites, intranets, extranets, e-flyers, CDs, videos and print. See more at

Click here to download the tutorial for free