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Animate your vector characters

Last month we created a vector character. Using this as a starting point, we now look at animating it in Flash.

Animating your character designs can be an utterly rewarding practice; having them come to life and interact with other creations can increase their appeal tenfold. This project reveals how to import a character created in Illustrator to Flash, taking you through the necessary set up in Flash before you can begin animating your creation.

We show you how to add dimension and depth to your characters through some simple movements and actions. You can either use the source file or your own character - it may help you follow the project if your design has a similar shape to ours. If you aren't familiar with basic tween controls in Flash, you should follow a Flash animation tutorial first. 'Tweens' are the intermediate frames between two images that create the illusion of motion.

Click here to download the support files (1.13MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free