What kind of app user are you?

Robin Davey's amusing illustrations were used in print and, in animated form, iPad editions of Wired Italia

This week more than most (thanks to Apple iOS 7 mania) has demonstrated yet again that we all love our apps. Whether you're the type who has to own the best iPhone apps, immediately download Android's latest updates, or know how to create an app yourself, we all thumb those little smartphone icons as if our lives depend on them.

These animated GIFs by London-based designer Robin Davey were commissioned by Wired Italia to illustrate a feature on the best apps for different categories of consumer, including geek, fitness enthusiast, family, workaholic and globetrotter (we reckon you can work out which is which). We've found their metronomic rhythm quite addictive and strangely soothing.

Davey has around 10 years' experience working for clients including Aardman Animations, Adult Swim, BBC, Cartoon Network, Channel 4, and Faber & Faber. He said: "It’s a fun challenge to do stuff that straddles new and traditional media like this." At least as much fun as it is to watch them...

Head to Davey's blog for some more great animated work.

[via Laughing Squid]

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