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Lord of the Rings gets a Lego makeover

If you're a regular visitor to Creative Bloq, you'll know that we love a bit of Lego. In this last installment for Lego's Lord of the Rings videogame, the developers at TT Games discuss the problems they faced along the way.

Real-life brickwork

The team at TT Games wanted to stay as true to the film as possible; even building the structures and environments of the game using real-life Lego bricks to ensure the entire set-up was plausible.

They also had to take the fact that the game would be enjoyed by youngsters, who may not neccessarily be familiar with The Lord of the Rings back story into account.

Co-op features and side-quests

The trailer also showcases the game's new co-operative features, including side-quests that will make special use of different characters. Players will also be able to find items to store in a new backpack system, granting characters new abilities and gaining treasured items.

Whether you're a fan of videogames, The Lord of the Rings or both, there's no denying the immense talent on show here. We can't wait to play it ourselves!

Lego: The Lord of the Rings will be released on October 30th on X360, PS3 and Wii.

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