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Watch this! New animation 'Terror in a Three Piece Suit'

Whilst trawling through the wonders of the internet we stumbled upon this awesome new animation from independent artist Ariel Goldberg. Specialising in visual development, storyboards and animation, Ariel already has a few succesful projects under his belt. In 2010, he co-directed, wrote, voiced and and animated the cartoon short 'It's What's for Dinner,' which received the Matt Groening Initiative Award.

The Simpson's has donated $500,000 to the UCLA school of theatre, film and T.V. to support animation students creating films with social responsability themes. 'Terror in a Three Piece Suit' was lucky enough to be generously funded by the animation king and the results are brilliant.

It tells the story of a man working a mundane job, with some highly unusual elements thrown in. Is he daydreaming? We're not quite sure. What we do know is, is that the animation itself is stunning and plays homage to that old school style that never goes out of fashion.

The animation itself was created using a mixture of pencil skethes, Toon Boom Animate and Photoshop. Autodesk Maya was brought in to finalise the complicated angles and perspectives, whilst the effects and visual compositing was achieved using Adobe After Effects. The sounds were mixed with ProTools with the film being edited to its final cut in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What did you make of the animation? Let us know in the comments box below!