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Watch this! 'No Noodles' stop motion short

When you're having a bad day, it's always nice to know that the internet will hold something to put the smile back on your face. On yet another dreary July afternoon, we stumbled upon this gorgeous short stop-motion video from Montreal-based animator Tyler Nicolson.

He puts an entirely new spin on the notion of noodles – and quite frankly, makes us a little scared of our dinner! We see dinosaurs, sharks, fish and worms pop out of the bowl in every shape, colour and size. Tyler describes it as 'small creatures explore and inhabit an even smaller world'.

After watching the video, you'll notice some clay residue on the noodles during the short. Tyler claims that he wasn't too concerned with the residue of the clay and that he liked the way it looked in most shots. He continues, 'because the intense heat from the lights melted the noodles, some shots I had to remake the noodles, but I just left the little coloured clay bits!'

It's human touches like this that make the video really stand out. To make the fish and worm jump in and out of the bowl, Tyler used an armature wire to hold them in place and then removed them later on in Photoshop.

His old-school approach is what helped us fall in love with the video. It's difficult to get stop motion right and we think that Tyler has definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to imagination and creativity.

Has it sparked your creativity? Have you seen any more awesome stop motion videos? Let us know in the comments box below!