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The weird world of Rok Predin's One Minute Dream

A sleeping bear, suspended in midair; a wide-eyed, Buddha-like man floating among butterflies in a cornfield; a bike, an umbrella, a pair of boots, a nude figure, all defying gravity under the stars: just some of the things we see in Rok Predin's One Minute Dream.

Predin directed the recent lyric video for Rolling Stones single Doom and Gloom. The promo is brilliant in its simplicity. One Minute Dream, on the other hand, is more complex. Hallucinatory, even.

Set in an aureate and autumnal forest, the abstract video is the first release of the year from animation production company Trunk, and features a variety of handmade textures scanned into After Effects.

Produced by Richard Barnett, the short features Ravel’s Lever du Jour, by Daniel Barenboim and the Orchestre de Paris as its haunting soundtrack.

Predin explains – albeit cryptically – how each scene in his dream sequence should come as a surprise. “Especially when it is a________ _____ fat ___ surrounded by ______ ___________," he writes, "which I’m putting down to a rather mature Brie.”

The full video can be found below:

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