5 gorgeous illustrations celebrating the art of love

A group of popular illustrators from around the globe have come together to create How to Woo, a special digital handbook from Scrawl Magazine featuring the 'dos and don'ts of the art of courtship'.

Based on creative interpretations of various romantic and humorous gestures such as writing a love letter, getting over a broken heart and how to cry, How to Woo is debuting in the App Store just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The digital book is packed with interactive features that showcase the creativity of the artists – including Alon Braier, Geran Knol, Michael Arnold, Studio Takeuma and Pixin.

"Valentine’s Day is not just about sweet chocolates and pretty roses, it is also about love letters that were lost in the mail, awkward dates and much more," explains Michael Golan, designer and co-founder of Scrawl Magazine. "Our 7th issue is an ode to these sweet and sour sentiments, in the form of a mock 'helpful' handbook.”

"Keep your house vermin free for your loved one" by Aart-Jan Venema

"Tattoo the name of your soul mate" by Liran Raviv

"Write a love letter" by Michael Arnold

"A heartwarming gesture can take you a long way" by Or Livneh

"You can't go wrong with flowers" by Jessica HJ. Lee

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