Download this great sketching app for free

We've long been fans of Paper by FiftyThree, one of the best iPad apps for sketching, doodling and notetaking, as well as Pencil, its accompanying Bluetooth Smart stylus. So we're excited to see that Paper has today launched on the iPhone too.

Named iPad App of the Year by Apple in 2013, Paper has been downloaded more than 15 million times. It's a great way to organise your thoughts, with ideas captured and stored like a wall of sticky notes that are easily arranged and connected to each other. (To learn more, read our review of the original release).

Today's launch of Paper on iPhone coincides with the release of a completely redesigned version of Paper for iPad.

Create and organise to-do lists quickly and easily

New features include Swipe to Style, which lets you create fast lists, bullet points, or headlines with a simple swipe, and Photo Spotlight, a new filter that lets you easily spotlight the area in photos and screenshots that you want to call attention to.

The Photo Spotlight feature makes it easy to annotate images

The app is free and runs on both iPhones and iPads running iOS8+. You can download it in the App Store here.

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