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New app aims to improve mental health

Modern living comes with its downfalls – anxiety, stresses and strains can often mean the deterioration of your mental health. Over the past year or so, we've seen an increase in digital tools aimed at improving mental health; something which ustwo's Alana Woods has noticed, "DIY healthcare, neurotech and the quantified self are hot trends right now. The future of emotional health will be supported by digital tools," she explains.

How to build an app: try these great tutorials

Teaming up with Thriveport, ustwo has produced 'Moodnotes' – an iOS app which aims to build skills in identifying and modifying common dysfunctional thinking habits. "Throughout our lives, we are encouraged to develop healthy habits related to diet, sleep, and exercise. Regrettably, however, our thinking habits tend to get overlooked," explains Thriveport's Dr. Drew Erhardt.

"We wanted to create a digital tool to help people increase their awareness of their thinking habits, to better understand how such thinking affects how they feel, and to help them learn how to think in healthier ways." Download it now over on the iTunes store.


You can quickly input mood using an intuitive face design on mobile and watch


The app offers prompts to promote reflection and enhanced self-awareness


Unpack distressing situations using the thought checker tool

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