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The $1,000 Apple Store giveaway

Who doesn’t love a new Apple product? There’s nothing better than unwrapping a fresh device with the iconic Apple logo on it—except using it. You can get your hands on any Apple device you want with $1,000 to spend at the Apple Store. Get your shot by entering this giveaway!

There’s an Apple device made for every part of your life. Fill your pocket with the powerful and portable iPhone, fill up an iPod with your favorite tunes, or equip your wrist an Apple Watch to change the way you interact with technology. With the $1,000 Apple Store Giveaway, you can take the pick of the device that will be serve your needs. You can’t go wrong no matter what!

The next time you walk into the Apple Store, you could be picking out an Apple device without paying a thing. But you’ll have to enter the $1,000 Apple Store Giveaway to make it happen. Don’t waste any more time, enter this giveaway today!