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This week in Apple: how iOS is growing up

Love it or loathe it, if you work in the creative world you can't ignore Apple. And there are no greater experts on what's happening in the world of Cupertino than our friends at MacFormat magazine.

In their video series Weekly Apple Extravaganza, the team bring you all the latest news, announcements and gossip from the Apple world, and apply their deep-founded knowledge and analytical insights to reveal what's really going on behind the headlines.

In the latest episode above, Chris Phin and Matthew Bolton discuss:

  • How iOS is growing up
  • The announcement that you can install now custom fonts from Hoefler & Co on your iPad
  • How the different demands of the emerging markets is shaping what big tech companies do with their products
  • An iPhone case that has an amazing coating on the back, inspired by gecko’s feet, which isn’t sticky to the touch but does stick fast to smooth, clean surfaces

All previous episodes in the series can be found here, while if you've not discovered the joys of MacFormat magazine yet then you can get an iPad edition FREE with a trial subscription.