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Iconic architecture reimagined as illustrations

André Chiote's iconic building artwork - Centro Niemeyer

André Chiote strips back iconic buildings to their bare essentials, highlighting the structure's most distinctive characteristics

Architecture is an artform. Just like painting and sculpture, the design of a building is developed through a creative process, in which architects manipulate art elements to create an artistic and aesthetically pleasing statement.

Portugese architect and illustrator André Chiote spent time creating this series of beautiful, retro-style images of iconic buildings. Stripped back to their essentials, Chiote uses surfaces, lines and flat colours to outline the distinctive and coolest characteristics of each structure.

Some of the locations featured in Chiote’s series of works are Oscar Niemeyer’s Centro Niemeyer, Zaha Hadid's Riverside Museum and Marcel Breuer’s Whitney Museum.

Architecture illustrations - Riverside Museum

Architecture illustrations - Musac

Architecture illustrations - Musee du Quai Branly

Architecture illustrations - Withney Museum

Architecture illustrations - Sfmoma

Architecture illustration - Lacma

Visit Chiote's blog to see the full series of architectural illustrations.

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