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AROUND THE BLOQ: A foxy animation, interview with a comic legend, and much, much more!

WATCH THIS! 'A Fox Tail' 3D short

This brilliant 3D short film was created by four very talented French animation students. Check it out - you won't believe this wasn't done by old hands!

Reactive web design

Dan Donald argues that responsive web design is only scratching the surface of how sites can adapt to meet their users' requirements.

Interview: Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons

Like comics? Then you'll LOVE this awesome in-depth interview with comic book legend Dave Gibbons, in which he reveals everything from his inspirations to what it's like to take a phone call from Stan Lee in your kitchen.

Cool CG commercial: Blacklist's Tendril

Near-microscopic photorealism, explosive shards, raining crystal droplets, refractive prisms, and a miraculous boot feature in Blacklist's Tendril. Check it out now!

How to self publish a magazine

Elliot Jay Stocks, founder of 8 Faces magazine, reveals his tips for getting started in publishing.

5 things you didn't know the web could do

Eric Bidelman, senior developer programs engineer on the Google Chrome team, presents some practical uses of what's possible with HTML5 and CSS3 today, including the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module and the HTML5 Filesystem API.

Match tone and colour in Photoshop

Recreating the aesthetic of vintage film, Mario Testino or Renaissance painting? In this Photoshop video tutorial, Ben Secret breaks it down.