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AROUND THE BLOQ: Free fonts, logo design and much, much more!

Download the 75 best free fonts

Get your hands on the best free fonts, from graffiti-inspired type to slap-you-in-the-face slab serifs!

Cool animated short: Rollin' Safari

Native African animals are seriously out of shape in the Rollin’ Safari series of shorts. See it here and meet the student team behind the films.

The ultimate guide to logo design: 35 pro tips

Follow this advice from the experts and create your best ever logo design. Here you'll find everything you need to know to craft successful logos.

Designing for hi-res displays

Smartphones and tablets are embracing hi-res displays - and other hardware will soon be following suit. Here Craig Grannell talks to leading industry figures about whether now is the time to optimise.

Time to work from home?

Happiness in work, as in life, involves aligning exactly what you need with the environment around you. The decision to work from home is no exception. Sounds simple, right?

Produce a portrait inspired by Billy and Hells

This is a simple workflow loosely inspired by the film-processing techniques of Berlin-based photographers Billy and Hells. Ben Secret reveals how to combine the qualities of colour and black-and-white images into one shot.

10 tips for designing localised interfaces

Things don't always turn out well when web copy is translated. Joey Rabbitt outlines some measures you can take to ensure there's a smooth transition when your site is adjusted for different audiences.

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