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Unwanted books transformed into floral sculptures

These paper sculptures by Pam Langdon shows there's much more that can be done with a book besides reading it. Inspired by marine environments and patterns within nature, Langdon meticulously folds pages of old books, transforming them into eye-catching pieces of art.

"Once upon a time encyclopaedias had an important life in the homes of families all over the world," says Langdon. "Books that were once central for our desire for knowledge are now defunct, unwanted and unloved. A passionate collector of found objects, I reconstruct and recontextualize old encyclopaedias and books, giving them renewed life."

There's so much detail in these sculptures, it's easy to forget they once started as simple books. We love the huge variety of designs Langdon has created in this series, which show that with a bit of imagination and skill, the most ordinary of objects can become beautiful works of art.

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