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The astonishing world of visible Wi-Fi

As you sit reading this, you're more than likely surrounded, quietly and invisibly, by wireless technology. It's everywhere. But have you ever wondered what it would look like if you could actually see it?

This is a question that Nikolay Lamm, a blogger for, answered in his latest project, in which he created visualisations that interpret the shape, size and colour of Wi-Fi waves, peaks and pulses as if they were visible to the human eye.

In order to be scientifically accurate, Lamm enlisted the help of astrobiologist M Browning Vogel. A former employee at NASA Ames research centre, Vogel explained the science behind the technology, with Lamm then interpreting the information into illustrations.

A real visual feast with amazing use of colour, there's something fascinating about seeing this technology, which has become integral to our modern existence, brought to life in such an imaginative way.

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