NASA releases free art book

A 2002 image of the pockmarked terrain of Pinacate National Park in Mexico’s state of Sonora

They look like impressionist paintings - but these stunning images are actually satellite photos of the planet, taken by the US Geological Survey. And they've now been compiled by NASA into a new 158-page book titled 'Earth as Art'.

A 2001 image of the Mississippi River Delta, showing how marshes and mudflats prevail between shipping channels cut into the bird’s-foot delta

The coffee-table print book costs $44, or you can download it for free as a PDF or iPad app.

Using images from the Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua satellites, this book has been explicitly created to celebrate Earth’s aesthetic beauty, from the surreal to the sublime.

In this 1985 image, ridges of wind-blown sand flow across Erg Iguidi, a Saharan sand sea.

Sensors on these satellites can measure light outside of the visible range, so the images show more than what is visible to the naked eye.

If art holds up a mirror to nature, then NASA can be said to have the biggest mirror around. We recommend you download this awesome book now and get a burst of visual inspiration for your designs!

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