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Budweiser beer gets a retro rebrand

Budweiser rebrand

The decluttered rebrand still keeps Budweiser's core aesthetic

Featuring an iconic logo design since its launch in 1876, American pale lager Budweiser has revealed its latest packaging design which celebrates the best parts of the beer's 140 years in business.

Working with Jones Knowles Ritchie's NYC design team, Budweiser's new decluttered image will keep most of the beer's classic motifs, including the brand's crest, trademark font and red colouring.

Appearing both classic and contemporary at the same, this 13th rebrand in the beer's history is a departure from recent digital designs. "The last hundred years, there were artisans, typographers, art directors, letterers, and everything was done by hand,” says Jones Knowles Ritchie creative director Tosh Hall.

“When the computer came in, a lot of [the brand's design] had been digitized over the years and became like a photocopy of a photocopy, and kind of crunchy and sad," Hall adds.

Now armed with a brand identity that reflects the level of detail, care and attention paid to the beer itself, Budweiser will roll out the new image globally over the next few months.

Budweiser rebrand

Design firm Jones Knowles Ritchie revamped Budweiser's image

Budweiser rebrand

This redesign is the t3th in the beer's history

Budweiser rebrand

Budweiser wanted to deploy its identity in "interesting and modern ways"

Budweiser rebrand

Budweiser's last major rebrand was in 2011

Budweiser rebrand

This rebrand combines the best parts of Budweiser's 140-year history

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