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Famous logos used to market evil products

product brand mash-ups

Would M&M's branding work for bullets?

Branding and logo design shouldn't just work for one product. The best identities, such as Virgin, are infinitely extendable, from music CDs to space rockets.

But how flexible are they? Here, Russian designer Ilya Kalimulin has tested out some of the best known brands by associating them with products connected with death and destruction.

With Google now producing augmented reality glasses and driverless cars, it seems big brands are capable of creating almost any product they want. However, we're not sure they'd go this far! Would you buy M&M's bullets?

product brand mash-ups

Tic tacs could go tick tock with this branded bomb

product brand mash-ups

Could tea brand Lipton encourage lung cancer?

[via PSFK]

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