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Logo design nightmares: reinventing the wheel

A new logo or branding commission always seems like an exciting prospect. Until the 17th round of amends, that is. Some clients simply can’t decide what they want, or can’t resist demanding changes purely for the sake of it.

Over the following week, four creatives (who’ve stayed anonymous to protect those involved) recall nightmare branding projects, detailing exactly what went wrong.

Experiences like the ones described here are all too common. But while you can’t stop clients from meddling or ignoring the design expertise for which they supposedly hired you, you can learn from their experiences: anticipate these tricky situations and take certain measures to keep them contained.

These stories show that quality, not quantity, is key when it comes to communication. Be clear and precise in your conversations with clients, and define your limits and boundaries. So, when a client’s demands cross the line from reasonable to ridiculous, you’ll know when it’s time to say stop.

You may not be able to prevent these awkward situations, but you can prepare yourself with certain techniques for dealing with them. Read on for nightmare #1: reinventing the wheel...

Words: Anne Wollenberg
Illustration: Camelia Dobrin, as seen in Computer Arts Projects 148.