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One to watch: Arthur Carey

Graphic designer Arthur Carey graduated yesterday with a first-class honours degree from Leeds College of Art – and he’s got a pretty slick selection of projects in his portfolio already, ranging from branding and typography work to letterpress, screenprint, web design and more.

Currently busy redesigning the Leeds College of Art prospectus with fellow graduate Aaron Skipper, Carey highlights working collaboratively – be it with other creatives or clients – as a particular passion.

Arthur Carey PRE exhibition catalogues

Carey is designing the identity and yearbook for the Leeds College of Art 'PRE' exhibition catalogues

“The space that emerges between my practice and the practices of others drives me to new challenges,” he says. “I also enjoy eating egg custard tarts instead of lunch and it being cool to do so,” he laughs.

Type Setting’ is one of his favourite portfolio pieces, and saw Carey and Skipper pick up first place in a typographic desserts competition. “We set the letters 'T', 'Y', 'P' and 'E' in Akzidenz-Grotesk, in blancmange jelly, so that the word 'type' was setting as the competition commenced,” he recalls.

Arthur Carey Type Setting

'Type Setting' was designed in Akzidenz-Grotesk

Where does he see himself in five years’ time? “In London, setting up a practice with a terrific friend, after we’ve gained experience working in different cities, countries and studios," says Carey. "Keep your eyes peeled for Zorses.”

Arthur Carey screenprinted Processing poster detail

Detail from Carey's screenprinted Processing poster, exploring the clash between analogue and digital