Project focus: Studi09’s fresh strategic approach

Studi09 knew exactly what it was about when it rebranded – the challenge was to make sure everyone else did, too. “Having started out as a new agency, we were just marketing to the masses,” begins founder Krysta Francoeur.

“We got to the point where we needed to think about what we were interested in doing. What kind of work did we want to do? How did we want to feel at the end of the day? Who did we like working with?”

For Studi09, which offers discounted pricing to non-profit clients and has a clear commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmentally friendly practices, the answer to these questions meant “feeling good and doing good work”. The agency overhauled its website to match this new philosophical outlook, swapping funky graphics for more lifestyle focused imagery.

This screenshot from the revamped Studi09 website shows the lifestyle photography introduced to appeal to the non-profit client base the studio is now targeting

“We want to do things in a responsible way, to give these organisations something really cool that brings awareness to their cause. We also make sure we’re walking the walk, from building some of our own furniture and advising clients about how they can give something back, to donating designs to good causes and volunteer trips to Africa and South America. We want clients who believe in those types of values. It’s about our working lifestyle too – we’re super laid-back and friendly.”

As with many agencies, much of Studi09’s business comes through word of mouth, so it needed to ensure this more focused approach became a part of the dialogue. “Clients tell other people what you’re interested in, but we also let people know via social media,” says Francoeur.

She advises brainstorming to determine your goals and the type of work you see your business producing. “It’s not about saying you don’t want to work with anyone else,” she adds. “It’s about making sure you appeal to your ideal customer.”

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