SomeOne rebrands WorldPay Zinc

SomeOne's branding solution for WorldPay Zinc - a new keypad device that enables small businesses to process card payments anywhere, anytime - is bursting with colour and character, and works across everything from print to pixels to point-of-sale.

SomeOne's WorldPay Zinc branding works across print, web and mobile

The identity plays on the chemical symbol for zinc, combined with an explosion of "airborne paint pigment", shot by photographer Simon Warren using a high-speed photo-rig.

The use of this particular equipment was intended to represent the high-speed nature of the digital payments possible through the service - capturing the "moment where two elements meet" in a striking visual way.

The two colours of pigment coming together represent the two sides of a transaction

"We took the idea of buyer and seller coming together to create a rapid transaction," explains SomeOne’s designer Mark Smith. "The magic happens when transactions occur - buyer and seller - two colours coming together. The frozen shots are a rapid unseen moment in time, just like the millions of payments WorldPay process daily."

"It's been fun to work on such a huge project... and it looks pretty cool," grins SomeOne creative director Simon Manchipp. "Particularly for the finance and payments sector - I mean, look how dull PayPal is."

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