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Taxi Studio & Carlsberg to talk at Impact

In the above video, we chat to Spencer in his Bristol-based studio about the value of a truly peer-to-peer designer-client relationship in general - and how he works with Jessica in particular.

"We work with a lot of large global brands, and the most successful relationships are always peer-to-peer," Spencer explains. "You're not treated like a supplier, but more like a partner."

"With Jessica we discuss briefs, discuss work, and keep each other honest throughout the process," he goes on. "If I feel something's not challenging enough, or she feels she's not pushing us enough, we're quite open about that. It's not about getting one over on each other - except in a creative sense."

Spencer and Jessica will be participating in a session exploring branding in the drinks industry, alongside The Brand Union's Glenn Tutssel, at the Impact Conference - a new one-day event from the makers of Computer Arts.

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