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The best gaming chairs: Comfortable thrones that give you the edge

Best gaming chairs
(Image credit: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock)

The best gaming chairs are an important part of any setup. Sure, picking powerful components like cutting edge graphics cards, or having the best gaming keyboards and gaming mice, may have a bigger impact on your actual games, but the best gaming chairs can ensure that you're sitting comfortably for long play sessions as well.

While you can of course use any chair (or even a stool) to play on, there are many gaming chairs out there that have been specially designed for comfort. They can be easily adjusted to best suit your tastes and sitting style, ensuring that you're not just comfortable, but you're also safe from injury.

The best gaming chairs are also stylish, and will fit in with your aesthetic choices with ease. Many won't look out of place in an office or studio, either.

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The best gaming chairs of 2021

Best gaming chairs: Secretlab Titan best gaming chairCB

(Image credit: Secretlab)

01. Secretlab Titan

The best gaming chair overall

Dimensions: 29.5 x 27.5 x 57 inches (W x D x H)
Seat height: 19.5 - 23 inches (minimum to maximum)
Maximum load: 290 pounds
Reasons to buy
+Large seat+Adjustable, integrated lumbar support
Reasons to avoid
-Limited height adjustment

The SecretLab Titan is our pick for the best overall gaming chair in 2021. It's large, comfortable, and comes with a soft memory foam neck pillow and built-in lumbar support. This makes it easy to set up the chair so that it fits your preferences. 

It's also a gaming chair that looks smart enough to be used in an office, while still being undeniably a gaming chair that's built for long play sessions. It's certainly a pricey chair, however, but it's certainly worth the price. For comfort and customisation, this is easily the best gaming chair of 2021.

Best gaming chairs: Corsair T3 Rush best gaming chairCB endorsed

(Image credit: Corsair)

02. Corsair T3 Rush

The best cheap gaming chair

Dimensions: 34.8 x 27.2 x 14.8 inches (W x D x H)
Seat height: 17.5 - 21 inches (minimum to maximum)
Maximum load: 264.5lbs
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Gaming aesthetic subdued

If you're looking for the best budget gaming chair in 2021, then the Corsair T3 Rush is a fantastic choice, proving that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable seat to game on.

In fact, at first glance, you may struggle to tell it apart from more expensive gaming chairs. It's not quite as large and plush as more premium models, but it's still incredibly comfortable, and comes with a breathable soft fabric exterior, which keeps you from getting sweaty and clammy, and also features memory foam lumbar support as well.

Best gaming chairs: SecretLab Omega 2020 best gaming chairCB endorsed

(Image credit: SecretLab)

03. SecretLab Omega 2020

An incredibly comfortable gaming chair

Dimensions: 27 x 27.5 x 53.5 inches (W x D x H)
Seat height: 18 - 21.5 inches (minimum to maximum)
Maximum load: 240 pounds
Reasons to buy
+Neck and lumbar pillows+Good price
Reasons to avoid
-Pillows can slip

The SecretLab Omega 2020 is a gaming chair that is as comfortable as it is good looking. Like all of the best gaming chairs, it comes with memory foam head and lumbar pillows, and these lead to an extremely comfortable experience when sitting (and gaming) in this chair.

It also has metal supports in the arm rests, and while that might not sound like much to shout about, it means that not only does the SecretLab Omega 2020 feel comfortable, but it also means it's robust as well. If you're looking for a long-term investment in a gaming chair, that will allow you to game in comfort for years to come, then this is definitely worth considering.

Best gaming chairs: Razer Iskur best gaming chair

(Image credit: Razer)

04. Razer Iskur

The best high-end gaming chair

Dimensions: 66.55 x 74.55 x 137.11 cm (W × D × H)
Seat height (Minimum to maximum): 174 to 181 cm
Maximum load:
Reasons to buy
+Premium+Excellent build quality
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for larger gamers

The Razer Iskur is the first gaming chair made by Razer, which is a company that's renowned for its gaming products, so it may come as little surprise to learn that it's knocked it out the park on its first attempt.

This is a seriously premium gaming chair that comes with top-notch build quality, so you know it's going to last, it's comfortable, and it's stylish as well. It's highly likely that you already own other Razer products if you're serious about gaming, and the Razer Iskur fits right in. It's very expensive, however, so this is a gaming chair that's best suited to people who have large budgets. If you do splash out on this seat, however, you'll find it's definitely money well spent.

IKEA Markus

05. IKEA Markus

A great budget choice

Dimensions: 62 x 60 x 129-140cm (W x D x H)
Seat height: 48 - 57cm (minimum to maximum)
Maximum load: 110kg
Reasons to buy
+Affordable given the quality on offer+Mesh back which is breathable
Reasons to avoid
-Lacks some ergonomic features

The IKEA Markus chair is an iconic office chair from the Swedish retailer, and it's a popular choice with many people for a number of reasons. For a start, it's very affordable, costing a fraction of the price some of the other chairs cost in this list.

It's also impressively comfortable, with a sturdy seat and long back with integrated headrest. Its back is made of a mesh material, which allows air through, and this breathable fabric helps avoid sweaty gaming sessions when you're sat down for long periods of time. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee, and it can be easily adjusted. However, this isn't strictly a gaming chair, so it lacks the gaming aesthetics that others boast, along with removable lumbar pillows. Still, if you'd rather spend your money on games and hardware, then this is a brilliant choice for the price.

Best gaming chairs: Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

(Image credit: Vertagear)

06. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

The best gaming chair for customisation

Dimensions: 60.9 x 60.9 x 132cm (W x D x H)
Maximum load: 90.7kg
Reasons to buy
+Loads of customisation options+Comfortable
Reasons to avoid
-Max weight is quite low

If you want a gaming chair that you can really customise to best suit your size and posture, then the Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 is a fantastic choice. By allowing you to tweak the seat height, armrests back and more, you can fine-tune this chair to your exact demands, and that leads to an incredibly comfortable chair, and that means it's ideal for long gaming sessions.

It also features excellent build quality and stain-resistant PVC leather materials. While not the cheapest, this isn't the most expensive gaming chair either, and that price sweet spot may really appeal to people. On the downside, the level of customisation does mean it's a bit more complicated to initially set up (though it's worth it), and the max weight recommended is 90.7kg, which is quite low. Larger gamers should look elsewhere.

Best gaming chairs: noblechairs Epic Real Leather best gaming chair

(Image credit: noblechairs)

07. noblechairs Epic Real Leather

A stunning premium gaming chair

Dimensions: 84 x 38 x 70 cm (W × D × H)
Seat height: (Minimum to maximum: 131 - 141 cm
Maximum load: 180 kg
Reasons to buy
+Real leather+Extensive customisation
Reasons to avoid
-May be too large for some-Pricey

If you're looking for sheer luxury in a gaming chair, then the Noblechairs Epic Real Leather is going to be the best gaming chair for you, hands down. Every part of this chair feels like it's been made with the utmost care and attention, from the cross-thatched embroidery to the real leather finish. If you don't want leather for ethical reasons (or you want to save a bit of money), then there is also a model with synthetic leather.

If you try out this gaming chair, you'll likely find any other chair a disappointment. It really is a stunning achievement. It also has an impressive amount of customisation options that will allow you to set it up to best suit your body type and posture. However, all this luxury does come at a price.

Best gaming chairs: noblechairs Icon best gaming chair

(Image credit: noblechairs)

08. noblechairs Icon gaming chair

A great premium gaming chair for an affordable price

Dimensions: 87 x 37 x 70 cm (W × D × H)
Seat height: (Minimum to maximum): 48 - 58 cm
Maximum load: 180 kg
Reasons to buy
+Premium materials+Very comfortable
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most exciting design

Noblechairs makes some great gaming chairs, and the Icon is perhaps its most popular product. Combining the high-end materials and premium construction found in its other products, the Icon is a surprisingly affordable gaming chair. It's a great choice if you want a bit of luxury without spending a small fortune.

It doesn't skimp on style and build quality, then, but it also offers excellent levels of comfort thanks to its customisation options and removable lumbar pillow. It's also got quite a restrained look for a gaming chair, which means it won't look out of place in an office or studio either.

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