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The best cheap Hydro Flask deals in April 2021

Hydro Flask deals
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There are plenty of reasons you might want a Hydro Flask deal. Hydro Flask makes some of the best water bottles you can buy; they're tough enough to withstand knocks, their double-walled vacuum insulation maintains your drink's temperature, and they look great thanks to their clean lines and colourful powder-coated finish. Needless to say, having some Hydro Flasks dotted around your studio could give you some serious cool points.

They're not just for water, either. Hydro Flask has a wide range of other insulated bottles and cups for everything from coffee and tea to soup and stew. All are lined with professional-grade stainless steel that doesn't hang onto tastes and odours, and many are dishwasher-safe as well.

A Hydro Flask is great if you’ve been looking for a way to cut down on single-use plastics, but don’t want to spend money on something that’s poorly designed or easily broken. In the unlikely event that anything does happen to it, each Hydro Flash bottle and cup comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can simply contact the company for a replacement. With all that in mind, we've tracked down the very best prices for a range of Hydro Flasks. With so much choice, there's sure to be something that's your cup of tea. For more great reusable coffee cups, see our best travel mugs roundup.

Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth Bottle

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

01. Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth Bottle

Hydro Flask's famous water bottle in a convenient travel size

Volume: 621ml | Mouth diameter: 1.91in | Diameter: 2.87in | Height: 9.4in | Weight: 11.3oz

Easily fits into a bag
Choice of different caps
May be too small
Tricky to fit ice inside

The Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth Bottle is hugely popular, and for good reason – it's a handy size that'll slip easily into a bag, and it'll keep your drink cold for 24 hours, or hot for six hours. It comes in six colours, with a tough powder-coated matt finish, and its stainless steel construction means it can take its share of knocks around the studio. This bottle is supplied with Hydro Flask's Flex Cap as standard (with honeycomb-style insulation to help maintain a constant temperature), but you can choose a sports cap instead if you prefer, which may be a good choice if you're concerned about spillage on your desk.

Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

02. Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

A larger capacity and a wider neck for faster filling

Volume: 621ml | Mouth diameter: 1.91in | Diameter: 2.87in | Height: 9.4in | Weight: 11.3oz

Easier to fill
Simple to clean
May not fit inside bags
No sports cap

The Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle is easy to fill in a hurry, and its larger neck means you can easily pop a few ice cubes inside to keep your drink extra cold for hours on end. It's also easier to clean than a narrower bottle (though you'll still want to use a bottle brush to make sure you're getting all the way inside). This larger capacity bottle won't slip into your bag as easily as the 21oz one above, but the handle makes it easy to carry, and you won't need to get up from your desk to refill it so frequently. There's no sports cap option for the Wide Mouth Bottle, but Hydro Flask produces a version with a built-in straw instead.

Hydro Flask Oasis 128oz

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

03. Hydro Flask Oasis 128oz

The best Hydro Flask for serving the whole team

Volume: 3.79l | Mouth diameter: 4.4in | Diameter: 5.8in | Height: 14.8in | Weight: 4.96lb

Flexible carry strap
Bevelled base for improved grip
Overkill for one person

If you're working somewhere without a water cooler or easy access to a coffee machine, the Hydro Flask Oasis could be just what you need, holding enough of your chosen beverage to keep you going all day. This huge flask holds almost four litres, and has two lids: a smaller one for pouring, and a large one that you can remove for easy refilling and cleaning. The downside is that the Oasis is rather expensive, though Hydro Flask's lifetime warranty takes some of the sting out, and you can also put it to good use for picnics, camping trips and parties when you're not at your desk.

Hydro Flask Tumbler 16oz

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

04. Hydro Flask Tumbler 16oz

The perfect replacement for all those takeaway coffee cups

Volume: 473ml | Mouth diameter: 3.4in | Diameter: 3.4in | Height: 6.1in | Weight: 9.1oz

Insulated lid
Super lightweight
Small capacity
No handle

The perfect replacement for all those disposable single-use cups – just hand over the Hydro Flask Tumbler in your favourite coffee shop and enjoy your hot drink guilt-free. While the Hydro Flask Tumbler doesn't collapse flat like some reusable cups, it offers much better insulation and won't acquire the same unpleasant taste as rubber cups tend to. It also fits in most cupholders, so you can use it when travelling between meetings. Just make sure you pay close attention when you're ordering the Tumbler because not all retailers include the press-on lid, which is essential for keeping the contents hot.

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12oz

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

05. Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12oz

No more cold cups of coffee or tea with this Hydro Flask mug

Volume: 355ml | Mouth diameter: 3.5in | Diameter: 5in | Height: 4.5in | Weight: 11.2oz

Soft-touch finish
Press-in lid
Expensive for a mug
Not 100% water tight

If you prefer to make your own hot drinks, the Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee Mug is the perfect vessel for the job. No longer will you find yourself in the frustrating situation of creating the perfect brew, then having it go stone cold while you're caught up in work and client emails. The mug's press-in lid fits securely and provides insulation to keep your drink hot for hours, and its soft-touch finish means it's comfortable to wrap your hands around in a chilly office. It's much pricier than a regular ceramic mug, but we think the benefits easily justify the cost.

Hydro Flask Coffee Flask 12oz

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

06. Hydro Flask Coffee Flask 12oz

For a perfect, piping hot cup of coffee, wherever work takes you

Volume: 354ml | Mouth diameter: 2.28in | Diameter: 2.91in | Height: 6.3in | Weight: 8oz

Wide neck for easy cleaning
Works with most coffee machines
Only holds one cup
No carry handle

For enjoying a brew away from your desk, the Hydro Flask Coffee Flask 12oz is a great choice. Its wide neck means it's easy to fill from a kettle, but its relatively squat design means it fits under most coffee machines as well, so you can take your preferred Nespresso drink on the road. This 12oz version is small enough to tuck neatly in your bag and holds a standard size cup of coffee, but larger versions are available if you need more caffeine to get you going in the morning. It's also compatible with Hydro Flask's Wide Mouth Straw Lid, which makes it ideal for iced coffee too.

Hydro Flask Food Flask 21oz

(Image credit: Hydro Flask)

07. Hydro Flask Food Flask 12oz

Piping hot soup and stew for lunch, without a microwave

Volume: 354ml | Mouth diameter: 3.07in | Diameter: 3.46in | Height: 5.5in | Weight: 11.1oz

Extra wide neck for cutlery
Large lid easy to grip
Only stays hot four hours
No carry handle

Your studio might not have a microwave, but with the Hydro Flask Food Flask 12oz you can still enjoy a hot lunch from home. This flask has an extra wide neck to accommodate forks and spoons, and its stainless steel interior doesn't cling to food odours like plastic Tupperware. This it the smallest size, but larger Food Flasks are available if you have a larger appetite. Just make sure you don't leave your lunch too late; this Hydro Flask has a larger lid than those intended for drinks, which means it doesn't have quite the same level as insulation and will only keep food hot for around four hours.

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