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Free online courses in branding and animation

free online courses

Increase your prospects with these free online courses

Online courses can vary in their practicality and you often never know their worth until you've paid the cash to take the chance. Luckily, Futurelearn and Creative Skillset have partnered to provide eight free online courses you can try – featuring branding and animation, there's bound to be something you can learn.

Investing £200,000 in the creation of massive open online courses, the partners understand the importance of career development and how not everyone can neccessarily afford the kind of courses they need.

"Free online courses are becoming an increasingly important tool in professional development, with learners and employers especially taking notice of the calibre of the teaching institutions, and the potential of MOOCs to reach vast numbers of people," Futurelearn explains.

"At FutureLearn, we have spent a lot of time fostering collaborations between our partners and industry leaders to produce relevant, career-enhancing courses for sectors like the creative industries where there is a clear demand." Take a look at the range of courses here.

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