Take your freelance career to the next level

Maybe you're craving the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss, or you've just had enough of office politics. Perhaps you're realising you can't progress the way you want to in your current role, despite having all the top tools for graphic designers at your fingertips. Whatever your motivations, the lure of freelancing is a powerful one. This is a job where, it seems, you can choose how, when and where you work – all while getting paid to do something you really love.

Freelancing can indeed offer immense creative and professional satisfaction, but there are plenty of challenges too. From the stress of working from home, juggling multiple projects and knowing you're 100 per cent responsible for them, learning how to network to win new clients to clearing your schedule for work that never materialises, freelancing can be as distressing and infuriating as it can be brilliant.

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Anne Wollenberg is an award-winning freelance journalist who specialises in writing about the creative industry.