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Album artwork of the week: The Jezabels' 'The Brink'

album artwork of the week

Clever use of paint has provoked a darkened, emotional undertone

Aussie pop-rock combo The Jezabels signed to Dine Alone Records for the Canadian release of their 2011 debut album 'Prisoner', and they're once again teaming up with the label for the follow-up. 'The Brink' is due out on February 18.

The band's album artwork has always been paramount to their releases - often reflecting the album's themes. The artwork for 'The Brink' is hauntingly beautiful and uses a range of colours to provoke darkened emotional undertones.

The clever painting tactics have allowed both characters to be immersed in each other, with only their hair and a single eye to determine which is which. This would almost certainly catch our eye on the shelf.

Purchase 'The Brink' over on The Jezabels website.

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