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April 2012 (#199)

Digital design is something we’re all doing more of. Indeed, even here at Computer Arts we’re busy with our latest iPad project – more on that soon. Chances are, whether you’re working in a studio, in-house or as a freelancer, you’re having to diversify your skillset to win bigger clients and bigger jobs.

So this month we bring you a guide to web design for print designers – revealing how CSS is just like the styles you’ve set up in InDesign, and how you can quickly make the transition from the printed page to slick online design. In addition, in The Design Manual, we bring you 10 top tips on moving into digital design whether you want to get into web design or apps.

Elsewhere this issue, we interview The Neighbourhood (check out the ace documentary on the disc – featuring Heston Blumenthal, no less) and the brilliant Rob Bailey. And as always our Creative Skills section is packed with technique and tips to boost your software knowledge and workflow.

Next issue is our 200th edition. And we have something very special planned. Pick it up from 5th April in the UK. See you then.

Rob Carney Editor