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Base creates identity for NYC x Design

Base Design and the City of New York has unveiled NYC x Design – the first annual, twelve-day, multi-borough event showcasing architecture, graphic design, fashion design, product design and manufacturing, industrial design, interior design, interaction design and landscape and urban design.

The festival takes place from Friday 10 to Tuesday 21 May, featuring a series of exhibitions, trade shows, installations, talks, launches and open-studio events.

Base were asked create the identity of the festival: "We chose to make the 'X' the focal point of the identity " says Base creative director Min Lew, "as it represents a crossroads where the City intersects with the design community and a multiplier, reflective of the various design disciplines that will partake in the festival."

Base design director Arno Baudin says: "We are especially honored to have been selected to develop the NYC x Design identity as it serves to represent not just graphic design but all design."

Base is an international network of creative studios specializing in brand identity development and design communications, with offices in Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid, New York and Santiago.

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