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Computer Arts Collection launches

With 224 pages every eight weeks, CA Collection is your essential guide to the core topics of graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising, and the perfect addition to any studio bookshelf.

It's packed with plenty to inspire you throughout the year, but this is much more than a glossy coffee table book - there's also invaluable insight and analysis from your peers to help your own client briefs run more smoothly.

You can view a 16-page digital sampler of CA Collection issue one on Issuu.

Here are the key sections:

Folio section

Spread from Folio section in CA Collection issue one


Our carefully curated selection of inspiring, boundary-pushing graphic design from around the world, including Schaffter Sahli, Deutsche & Japaner, Department International, Felix Pfffli, HelloMe, Tsto, BCMH and Ritxi Ostriz.

Micro Trends section

Spread from Micro Trends section in issue one


Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth guide to the aesthetics that will shape graphic design, produced exclusively for Computer Arts Collection by experienced trend forecasting agency FranklinTill. The report explores why you should embrace failure as part of your creative process, and outlines seven key aesthetics that should be influencing your studio's moodboards over the coming year.

Industry Focus section

Spread from Industry Focus in issue one (complete with fluoro Pantone)


How your studio can survive and thrive in the global downturn [illustrated throughout by Jeffrey Bowman], including opinion and analysis from three leading industry figures: Nat Hunter on how to get more bang from fewer client bucks; D&AD's Rhiannon James on why it's crucial to diversify; and Seymourpowell's Dick Powell on how to make an impact in design in 2012.

Studio Project section

Introduction to issue one's Studio Project, by Planning Unit


Gain an unprecedented insight into how your peers tackle a brief. In a special 48-page section, we follow London studio Planning Unit through every stage of the creation process of SPECIES, a 16-page photographic book about endangered animals, produced exclusively for CA Collection.

Process section

Spread from Process section in issue one


Deep behind the scenes of the past year's best graphic design projects, by the world's leading studios - including Turner Duckworth for Diet Coke, Studio8 for HarperCollins, Spin for London Design Museum, Cue for Jack Daniel's, La Boca for Fox Searchlight and SEA for GF Smith.

Icon interview

Icon interview from issue one: 24 hours with Angus Hyland


Brioche, limericks and trilby hats: up close and personal with Pentagram partner Angus Hyland.

Global Design feature

Spread from Global Design feature in issue one, focussing on London


our nine-page guide to the world's top design cities - London, New York and Paris - including a fold-out map [illustrated by Marc Aspinall] of the best creative haunts, as picked by the designers who live and work there.

Future Proof section

Spread from Future Proof in issue one (Paul Solomons on Adobe DPS)


Four leading designers share their advice for developing your digital publishing and app design skills, including British GQ's creative director Paul Solomons on Adobe DPS, Bonnier's Sam Syed on the Mag+ platform, and ustwo's Neil McFarland and James Lee on designing apps.

Talent Directory section

Spread from issue one's Talent Directory section


Whether you're looking to commission, collaborate with or just get in touch with any of the world-class talent featured within the issue, all the essential info is here.

If you've seen enough, you can subscribe to Computer Arts Collection here.