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Computer Arts Collection Volume 1 Part 3: Illustration

Computer Arts Collection is a new annual series of six in-depth guides, packed with insight and inspiration from the global design industry. With 224 stunning pages, it's the definitive guide to the core creative fields of: graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising.

Vol 1 Part 3 (Illustration) includes a 48-page special project, guest-edited by Vault49, in which the iconic New York studio reveals how it created a limited-edition double-sided poster, free with every issue of Computer Arts Collection - including video diaries of the studio at work (available for secure download).

It also features an unmissable 20-page report on the latest trends and movements in illustration, produced exclusively for Computer Arts Collection by leading trend forecasting agency FranklinTill.

Other features include:

  • Deep behind the scenes of leading illustration projects, including Hannah Stouffer for Nike, Matt Taylor for Penguin and Jo Ratcliffe for Kenzo
  • Extended interview with prolific illustrator Von
  • The rise and rise of Scandinavia's illustration scene
  • Do we still need illustration agents?