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Computer Arts Presents: Pro Software Skills - Illustrator

Rather like Photoshop, Illustrator is a versatile beast that plays an integral part in many different types of professional workflow – from illustration and character design through to custom typography, logo design, packaging and more, and Pro Software Skills: Illustrator is full of tips, tutorials and tricks that will enable you to take your Illustrator work further than ever before.

Our Pro Guides to paths, shapes, symbols, artboards and effects will enhance your knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of Illustrator, while 150 expert tips for better illustration, logo design and packaging help put it all in context. There’s plenty of technique and inspiration packed in too.


  • Paths and Bezler Curves - Get more from your everyday tools
  • Pathfinder & Shapes - Unlock the potential of Pathfinder palette & CS5's new Shape Builder
  • Symbols and Brushes - Create versatile elements to save time
  • Artboards and Grids - Breeze through complex projects
  • Effects - Manipulate your designs with ease
  • Packaging - Create better packaging work from dielines to colour separations
  • Logo Design - 50 all-new ways to create stunning logos every time

And much, much more!